Jellie Palencia, 28, single, holds a Bachelor of Science degree, major in Nutrition and Dietetics.
She works in a government agency as a public health nutritionist.
Jelly also has an online business selling accessories, and T-shirts that promote God’s word.
She lives in San Pedro, Laguna.    

Her Story

My spiritual life was boring. I prayed only in the morning when I woke up and before I went to bed in the evening.  Sometimes, I fell asleep praying.

My life was great but I felt empty and lost because my spiritual life was zero. I was so busy with my work and had no time for spiritual growth.

Before I attended The Feast, I was not a fan of Sunday Masses. I went to church only if my family asked me to or my friends invited me to be with them.

But going to church alone was not my thing since I was busy with my work and that my work was my life. I also thought that people who go to church were all hypocrites pretending to be holy but deep inside they were evil.

That was my mindset before. I was like, I don’t need the Church for me to be called a “good person”.

Religion really didn’t matter much to me. So I didn’t have qualms attending a non-Catholic Bible Study group when a friend invited me.

Finding The Feast

I was already interested to attend The Feast since I am a subscriber of Bro. Bo Sanchez’s  online Soulfood newsletter.

But I was afraid to go alone. So when an officemate invited me to attend The Feast, without thinking twice, I said yes to her invitation.

I started attending The Feast on July 7, 2013, so I’ve been attending for two years now, and counting.

Today, I serve as assistant teamster of the Feast Bay Area Intercessory Ministry, working as on-site intercessor.

The first time I attended the Feast, I immediately felt the acceptance and love from the members, especially from Bro. Bo Sanchez. He welcomed the first-time attendees, asking them to raise their hands. When I raised my hand, I saw my face on the wide screen.

What I like about The Feast is that there is no discrimination. Everyone is free to attend. There’s no strict attire, no religion barrier.

What I love about The Feast is that it teaches God’s love in a more practical way that we can appreciate and relate to. God’s love is just like the Father who loves his child unconditionally. I am confident enough to say that I now have a personal relationship with God through the help of The Feast. I gained back the love of God that I was running away from for many years.

Back to the Church

At The Feast, I learned to like  the Catholic Faith— its magisterium and beautiful tradition. The Catholic Faith is so rich with teachings that help us to love God even more.