Christian P. Cruz, 23, single, holds a Bachelor of Elementary Education degree, major in General Education.
He is now an elementary school teacher, handling various subjects, to form students into individuals with good values.
“It is a work of perseverance and dedication,” he says. “We determine the learning styles and multiple intelligences of the pupils, and we apply the teaching methods that suit their needs and in-terests.”
Christian lives in San Ildefonso, Bulacan.

His Story

My life way back my younger years may be described in two words: “poor, pathetic”.

I come from a family with financial burdens. Yes, we were among the least of society. We were so hard up, we had to depend on dole outs from kind relatives.
Poverty, however, brought us close to God, as we had to look up to Him for deliverance from our dire situation.
I was prayerful and I attended Sunday Mass regularly.

But I had relatives who were not Catholics. They invited me to attend their services, so I at-tended, as I believed that although we had differ-ent religions, we were worshipping one and the same God.

Finding The Feast

A friend invited me to attend The Feast in Baliuag, Bulacan.

I like The Feast because there, we are like one family, helping each other, with God as our common friend.

At first, I was just an ordinary attendee enjoy-ing and appreciating The Feast.

The Feast eventually has so strengthened my faith in God, I decided to serve Him. I joined the Warmth Ministry which takes care of welcoming attendees and engaging most especially first-timers. I am now head of the Ministry.

Back to the Church

The Feast has helped me appreciate my Catholic Faith. I like it that we believe in one Su-preme Being. Though we don’t see Him in flesh and blood, we feel so well that He works in our life in many wonderful ways that we don’t even expect.

I also like that we have a faith community driven by a common goal: to obey Jesus’ Christ mandate to seek and save the lost.