Edcel Magtira 26, single, is a college graduate, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering.
She is an Information Technology (IT) freelancer,  working at home on search engines for an employer based in the United States.
Edcel lives in Malolos City.
Early on, Edcel thought she was “okay” with her relationship with God. But not her Catholic religion. She strayed away from the Church

Her Story

Even before I found The Feast, I was already attending Sunday Mass regularly.

I was already ‘okay’ with my relationship with God. I mean, I had already received Jesus as my Savior. But I am not perfect. I still sin.

I have a boyfriend, and I wished to lead him to the Lord, too. But I was having a hard time doing this since I still battled with my own weaknesses.

Straying Away

I was not exploring other religions but I have close friends from non-Catholic groups and they kept on inviting me to attend their services.

I had entertained their invite. So maybe around three to five times, I had attended services in these non-Catholic churches.

Finding The Feast

In 2012, a friend invited me to attend The Feast in SM Baliwag.

I asked my boyfriend to accompany me and we loved the experience like this was what our heart and soul have been longing for all along.

Thank God for The Feast.  It has helped me, it has helped my boyfriend to know and receive God personally.

I love the energy of The Feast. The talks, especially shared by Bro. Bo Sanchez and Bro. Alvin Barcelona. I am from Bulacan but I don’t mind going all the way to PICC just to hear their talks.

I love the singing and dancing at The Feast. I had experienced such lively worship in other churches.  So I was surprised to find out that us Catholics have it pala—at The Feast.

Back to the Church

I have faith in God. But there was a time I did not have such faith in our Catholic Church—influenced as I had been by my non-Catholic friends.

The Feast has helped renew my faith in the Catholic Church.

What I like most about our Catholic Faith is that you don’t feel condemned. Every sinner is accepted and given a chance to change.