Alyssa Matulac, 18, single, is a college student. She lives in Quezon City.

Her Story

There was a time when as long as I felt happy, I couldn’t care less about other people.

Neither did I think much about God.

I was not used to praying. I hardly attended Mass. I was just plain lazy. The few times I attended Mass, I did not listen to the homily. I usually just dozed off.  Then somehow, I would wake up, only to find out the Mass had already ended.

Finding the Feast

One time, an aunt who was working in Singapore, came home to Manila. She said she attends The Feast in Singapore, and she went on and on gushing about the prayer gathering.

So naturally, she looked for a Feast in Manila—and found Feast PICC. I had to accompany her to the venue.

Listening to the talks of Bro. Bo Sanchez, I learned that God has a specific plan for each of His people. Bro. Bo said you may not be certain what His plan is for you, but you just have to have faith that God will eventually reveal what He’s got in store for you.

Then, one time, on Facebook, we found out about Feast Bluewave Marikina, just at the outskirt of Quezon City where we live. So we now attend this Feast, and as we do, we learn more about God’s unconditional love for His people.

Such idea—that God really cares for me— so pierced through my heart that I resolved to attend The Feast regularly and serve God there.

It helped so much that at The Feast you need not hide about who you really are.

Like, I come from a broken family. My parents are separated, and I live with my uncle and aunt, far from my brother who lives someplace else. So there was a time I felt I lacked so much in life.

But The Feast, somehow, has completed me.

At The Feast, you will feel most welcome. You will feel no one would judge you. Anyway, you go there not for the people, but for God. That you find friends at The Feast, who accept you as you are, is simply a delightful add-on freebie.

Aside from my uncle and my aunt, I now have an extended family at The Feast. I am now a member of the Youth Ministry. My friends there and I are not at all related by blood, but never once have my friends made me feel that I do not belong to them.

Loving the Catholic Faith

The Feast has taught me a major aspect about our Catholic faith– that we welcome everyone, sinners and all, to our Church. We don’t ostracize other peoples’ beliefs– unlike some other religious groups who criticize us for like having images of our saints.

I think we all believe in one God, and we should just be thankful for all the blessings He bestows on us, regardless of our religious conviction.

As for me, I just serve God the best I can. At Feast Bluewave Marikina, I am now a member of the Core Team of the Youth Ministry, co-head of the Dance Ministry, and member of the Events and Media Ministries.

I am so blessed!